• A bunch of marijuana on a black plate.
  • A tray with a small bowl on top of it.
  • A person is smoking a cigarette with a ring on it.

High Society
Dispo & Lounge

About us

Welcome to High Society Dispo & Lounge, the first cannabar in Colorado! High Society is the first 610 license in the state, allowing for sales and on-site consumption like we've never had before in a safe, legal space. Founders Josh and Stacey Davis are longtime cannabis business owners, with a background in compliance and licensing, and a passion for normalizing cannabis consumption.

High Society opened its doors on April 22, 2021 (420 also, for the grammar nerds out there), and has grown into so much more than just a bar - High Society is home to comedy shows, drag events, craft & cooking parties, sports events, yoga classes, and more. Come see for yourself, and elevate your social cannabis experience!